2008 Oct Elk Hunt



This bull scored over 400, myself and brother with Bob Crow, this was Ryans friend.


Myself and ryan with his elk, after we put it into my truck! 2008.


Ryan with his elk!



Myself and ryan, he is from Laredo Tx, he was very excited and happy with his kill, this elk was taken behind sink-tank on the Hualapai Indian Reservation on Sept, 14, 2008, as Mike was the guide, it scored 364. Ryan scared a very nice bull opening morning as the bull walked right up to us! in a open field. He coughed as the bull stood grazing. This bull that ryan took snuck up behind us, as we were watching other bulls in the field. This bull bugled and I walked around the tree as the bull was walking away. Ryan took three shots, one into the air and the other two shots grazed the bull, but wounded it enough for us to catch up to it, with the final round into the heart. Good job Ryan.




Myself with the bull into the air as a background.



This bull in the bed of the red truck scored a whopping 437 green score! the hunter name is James Harbor who was also from Tx, I guided him last year during the deformed elk hunt. Another 400 bull was taken but I did not have any pictures of it.